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How to Apply

The Dogtopia Foundation (the Foundation) grants are awarded exclusively to U.S. organizations that are non-profit, public charities as recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service under the Internal Revenue code 501(c)(3).  Please submit your proposal to  You may also send your proposal to Dogtopia Foundation, 6245 North 24th Parkway, Suite 210, Phoenix, AZ  85016.


There are two primary factors the Foundation takes into consideration when evaluating a project:


a) Does your project fit within one of the Foundation’s initiatives and clearly address one or more of our worthy causes (autism, education and veterans)? Your project should commit to expanding access to and distribution of resources, and, ultimately, generating sustainable impact on individuals and communities close to where Dogtopia stores are located.


b) Does your request help us achieve our goal of enabling dogs to positively change our world by incorporating dogs as part of your project?

To proceed with the funding inquiry, please fill out the application form.



How to Report

If you are successful in being awarded a grant from the Dogtopia Foundation, you will be required to submit quarterly progress reports summarizing your progress over the relevant quarter.  The quarterly report will be due 30 days after the close of the quarter.


The quarterly reports will include the following information:


  1. A narrative of your accomplishments, any problems you may have encountered (and proposed solutions) and/or any proposed changes in the original objectives of the project.
  2. A financial report with itemized expenditures for the reporting period and based on the approved project budget.
  3. Summary along with next steps, as applicable.


A final report will be required at the end of the project funding and will describe your project outcomes, direct and measurable outputs, lessons learned, lasting benefits of the project and specific plans for continuing the work started by the project.

The Dogtopia Foundation is currently funding a portfolio of work structured around three worthy causes:  Veterans, Autism and Education. The Foundation’s aim is to identify needs, fill gaps and integrate knowledge for successful implementation and continuous improvement in our areas of focus. By connecting man’s best friend with organizations we support, we will help children, adults with autism and returning veterans to reach their full potential.


How do I know if my organization is qualified for funding from the Dogtopia Foundation?

Please thoroughly review the Funding Priorities and Funding Criteria to evaluate your organization’s alignment with the Dogtopia Foundation’s priorities.

How will I be notified of a decision?

Applicants will receive an email confirmation within a week of receipt of the proposal. Following receipt, proposals are reviewed and evaluated by the Dogtopia Board at the quarterly Board meeting and applicants are typically notified throughout the year.

What are the deadlines for proposals?

There are no deadlines. Proposals are accepted year-round.

Can I send extra items such as video links, newspaper articles, etc?

Please only provide those materials that are requested on the Grant Application and do not mail any materials that need to be returned.

If I have been declined for a grant, when can I reapply?

Declined organizations must wait one year from the date of their notice of decline before the Foundation will consider another request.


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