To Be of Service

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, we are postponing the To Be Of Service screenings. We are excited to share this powerful film with you and will update you with new dates as soon as we can. Stay healthy!


Dogtopia and the Dogtopia Foundation are proud to partner with Academy Award nominee Josh Aronson on his latest film To Be Of Service. This powerful film follows the lives of returning war veterans suffering from PTSD and tells the story of how service dogs have changed their lives.

Beginning in February through September 2020, Dogtopia and the Dogtopia Foundation will bring this film to 10 major markets across the nation:

  • Phoenix, Arizona: February 23, Film Bar
  • Austin, Texas: TBA
  • Sacramento, California: TBA
  • Seattle, Washington: TBA
  • Chicago, Illinois: TBA
  • New York: TBA
  • Greater Washington DC area: TBA
  • San Diego: TBA
  • Dallas, Texas: TBA
  • Jacksonville: TBA

You can learn more about this film here

The impact of service dogs stretches far beyond what we can see and is many times a life-saving treatment. Your support is greatly appreciated – consider donating today to help our service men and women in their path towards positive health and wellness.